Learning from the past to build the future”: this is the company’s philosophy that is committed to renew the prestige of its Italian Pastry Products paying respect for tradition.

Our pastries and desserts are the result of a hard work lasted for decades, based on traditional craft techniques that constituted a source of survival for many artisans living in Salento during the Fifties.
In the Eighties the handcraft production has been combined with the industrial production: the co-existence of these two product lines permits us to look at the future with an innovative attitude, while preserving our values and traditions.



Our major innovation is the passion for work and the continuous desire to improve.

In this regard, over the past few years we have started to pay special attention to the sweetness of our creations, preserving the same delicious taste. This because we don’t want to offer you “heavily” sweet products but…”happily sweet” creations, because life is made of big and small sweet events!



The love for taste, meant as the ability to meet organoleptic and nutritional needs, is the main ingredient on which we based our entire production system.

It is essential for us to know our customers’ tastes and opinions in order to evaluate the degree of satisfaction for any single product.
The continuous comparison between our creations and the needs of our customers is made possible thanks to the several stores we have throughout the Salento area. Having such a large “users group”, it is our commitment to meet, as much as possible, our clients’ needs and tastes.



Learning from the past to build the future: this is the company’s philosophy that is committed to renew the prestige of its products paying respect for tradition.


We comply with the highest standards of quality in the world and continuously seek the best tools to meet every need.


Through our network of sales and promotion of local produce, we export the “sweet tradition of Salento” in Italy and in major international markets.

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